A little bit about our Fluffy Family

The pack consists of Antti, Oona, Fabbe, Nisse, Pippi, Ronja, Mio & Alva.

Let us tell you briefly about the five members of our little pack. There’s us -the human parents, Oona and Antti and our 3 fur-babies, Fabbe, Nisse and Pippi. We live in the Stockholm area but often spend our weekends hiking around Sweden in our campervan -the Black Pearl.

Antti is the pack leader. He is a true sun- and water -lover who was born into the body of a Finnish Viking. Antti is an active adventurer who defends and provides for his pack in all ways possible. In his ordinary human life he works within the police force. Antti loves his family and spends a lot of time training his doodle-babies.

Oona is the mother of the pack. She works from home which means she spends all her days surrounded by the 3 doodles. Oona has spent much of her life under the ocean’s surface in warmer and sunnier countries but is a born and bred Swede. She loves her pack more than anything in the world and spoils her family to no end.

Fabbe is the oldest, wisest brother and first heir to this mini-kingdom. His real name is Pirate Fabbe which comes from a famous Swedish children’s song (‘Sjörövar Fabbe’). Fabbe is deliberate in his sniffing and carries a healthy scepticism towards plastic bags in the open and unfamiliar terrain in general. He is a gentle giant that weighs in at a healthy 40 kg/ 90 lbs. He loves his little brother and lives by the motto “the rules are there ain’t no rules“.

Nisse is Fabbe’s younger brother and everybody’s baby. His true name is Mister Nilsson which is Pippi Longstocking’s monkey in the fictional books by Astrid Lindgren. Nisse was so tiny and lively when the pack first met him, so it seemed a name that would suit him perfectly. Nisse comes with an easy offended nature due to his slightly misplaced self-image as a flawless gift the world. He is a happy little fellow that loves cuddles.

Pippi Longstocking is our beautiful lady doodle. She is a wonderful and large goldendoodle girl who (since moving in with us in 2019) has taken the pack by storm. You’ll have to look hard to find a tougher and smarter girl than her… Pippi is incredibly well behaved and with her unique coloring she really stands out in a crowd.